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Esma Ismailova


Associate Professor at EMSE/CMP


Dr. Esma Ismailova, Assistant professor with an HDR at Mines de Saint-Etienne (EMSE) France. She received a BSc. in Physics and a Master’s degree in Polymer Science at Strasbourg University in France , where she also completed her PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Physics sponsored by STMicroelectronics. She then joined the Laboratory for Organic Electronics at Cornell University, NY, USA as a PostDoc, studying the interface between biology and electronics. In 2010, she joined EMSE to establish a microfabrication platform for soft biocompatible neural implants at the Bioelectronics Department. Her current research interests focus on the design and fabrication of novel organic electronic devices for multi-parameter sensing. Dr. Ismailova has initiated national and international collaborations to develop wearable health monitoring devices and her experitise is recognized in the field of organic electronic textiles for healthcare.

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01.03.2023 von 12:10 - 12:30

Bioelectronic textiles: from materials processing to health monitoring applications