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Session Chair

Jérôme Gavillet


EU programs manager at CEA


Dr. Jérôme GAVILLET graduated at l’Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) in Lyon and received his PhD on material physics & surface processing from l’Ecole des Mines de Nancy in 1996. As a researcher, he worked on hydrogen embrittlement of stainless steels for the oil & gas industry at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; on zircaloy alloy coatings for the French nuclear industry (thesis financed by FRAMATOME); and on copper interconnects for the semiconductor industry at the University of York (post-doc). He spent 7 years in microelectronics working as a process engineer for equipment suppliers in Cardiff (UK), Sunnyvale (US) and Grenoble (F). He joined CEA-Liten in 2005 as a project manager in the field of Renewable Energy and Nanomaterials, working on surface energy and thermal management topics. He has authored 10 patents and over 40 publications. Since 2012, he works as a European program manager, contributing to the management of CEA-Liten’s EU projects portfolio and setting up business opportunities in the fields of materials, renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and ICT, with a strong focus on Organic & Printed Electronics. He is currently coordinating the ‘SmartEEs’ Digital Innovation Hub, a Smart Anything Everywhere European initiative to promote the adoption and transformation of Organic & Printed Electronics into business visions & concrete market cases brought by innovative SME/mi cap companies. He is Technical Session Chair of the LOPEC conference

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