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Dr. Laia Vilar Abril


Researcher I+D+i at EURECAT


Degree in Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with a postgraduate degree in Thermoplastics Technology. Specialized in the treatment of surfaces to provide inert objects with intellectual character that react to an external stimulus. In addition, she develops the role of Senior Researcher in different projects. Responsible for the Smart Materials & Devices and Upscaling laboratories in Mataró. Expert in different techniques of Printed Electronics such as inkjet and screen printing, currently expert in formulation and characterization of dyes and inks in different printing systems. She has also worked in the development of electroluminescent systems, OPV and sensors. Since 2018 she is involved in the development of a new concept of Plastronics system parts linked to In-Mold Electronics.


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01.03.2023 von 18:00 - 19:30

Overcoming plastronic parts constraints: improving the connectors and increasing the shape formation ratio.