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Lukas Neumaier


Senior Scientist at Silicon Austria Labs GmbH


Lukas Neumaier, MSc. was born in Carinthia, Austria, 1988. After his primary and secondary education, he studied Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering at the Technical University Graz in 2006, followed by studies in Biomimetics in Energy Systems at the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences in Villach in 2013. He is working as Senior Scientist in the research unit Sensor Applications in the field of renewable energies and sensor technologies at Silicon Austria Labs GmbH in Villach, Austria. His work is dealing with the improvement and further development of sustainable energy systems (photovoltaics), and he conducts research on new types of sensors, making systems smarter and better. Amongst other sensor-topics, he works on the development of recyclable sensors on sustainable substrates, which are based on laser-induced graphene sensing elements.


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01.03.2023 von 18:00 - 19:30

Laser-induced graphene sensors using sustainable components for chemical sensing