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Zhao Fu


Doctoral Researcher at Tampere University


After obtaining M.Sc degree in Materials Science from Tampere University of Technology (the current Tampere Universty), Zhao Fu worked on reliability test and failure analysis of electronics at Huawei Helsinki R&D Center before starting his doctoral research in Investigating Mechanical Reliability Failure Mechanisms of Printed Flexible and Stretchable Electronics at Laboratory for Future Electronics of Tampere University. His research topics cover printed electronics on flexible polymer and paper substrates, flexible supercapacitor. He is currently researching the 3D printed multilayer-structure stretchable electronics and inkjet printed electronics on flexible paper substrate. Sustainable and biodegradable electronics, 3D printed electronics, printed electronics materials, printed energy devices, wearable electronics are his research interests.


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01.03.2023 von 15:00 - 15:20

Reliability and Failure Mechanisms of Printed Biodegradable Flexible Supercapacitor Against Cyclic Bending Test