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Dr. Olivier Chételat


Group leader of Electronics at CSEM


Olivier Chételat is digital-health focus-area manager at CSEM (a private non-profit Swiss research and technology organization). The digital-health group counts about 50 engineers who have for more than 25 years developed and transferred to the industry new technologies for wearables in the consumer and medical markets. He is the inventor of cooperative sensors, a new way to measure biopotentials and bioimpedance particularly suited for powerful wearables, i.e., wearables introducing imaging thanks to many electrodes as well as combining multi-signal sensing to get, from comfortable non-obtrusive devices, continuous measurements of multi-lead ECG, electrical impedance tomography (EIT), SpO2, core body temperature, optical blood pressure, etc. His background is electronics and robotics (master and PhD degrees from the Swiss Institute of Technology EPFL in 1997). He joined CSEM in 2001 as project manager and since 2009 successively led the groups of Control & Signal processing, Control & Sensing, and today Electronics.

Speaker at this lecture

01.03.2023 at 12:30 - 12:50

Cooperative sensors, a new approach to address the constraints of wearables for the measurement of biopotentials and bioimpedances