LOPEC Talk No. 2 – Mobility

As an innovation driver for printed electronics, LOPEC has developed a new format to provide new impetus for the industry, even during the event-free period. The LOPEC Talk online platform supplements the existing offerings of LOPEC Exhibition and Conference with regular expert panels and presentations.

The second edition of the new online platform was marked by a moderated expert panel on the focus topic of Mobility on September 10, 2020.


Printed electronics in 3D: Applications in the automotive and avionics industries

The topic Mobility is not only about printed electronics in the automobile and automotive industry, but also about future-oriented perspectives for the aerospace industry. Increased compactness, reduced weight, improved usability and functionality, and extended design options are some of the possibilities that printed electronics brings to the automotive and aerospace industries

Watch the discussion again here!

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The experts:

Ashutosh Tomar, Principal Engineer (Research), Smart Surfaces, Structural and Flexible Electronics, Emerging and Enabling Technologies, Jaguar Land Rover

Dr. Erhard Barho, Head of Functional Surface Solutions, Contintental AG

Jan Fröhlich, Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems, Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg


Wolfgang Mildner, Founder and CEO of MSW & General Chair LOPEC Conference