LOPEC Talk No. 5 – Highlights from the LOPEC Conference 2021

In this edition of LOPEC Talk, you see three selected presentations from the LOPEC 2021 Conference. The speakers answered questions in a short Q&A after their presentations.


LOPEC Talk: Selected contributions of the LOPEC Conference

From March 23 to 25, LOPEC was held as an online event. In 180 contributions, the speakers of the digital Conference presented the current state of research and future-oriented developments in printed electronics.

In the Web Seminar you have the opportunity to view three presentations free of charge.

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Wolfgang Mildner, General Chair LOPEC

The Experts:

Dr. Alain Schumacher (Luxembourg), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), IEE S.A.

Title: From Start-Up to Global Player with Printed Electronics

Prof. John A. Rogers (United States of America), Professor, Northwestern University

Title: Soft Skin-Interfaced Electronics for Clinical-Grade Health Monitoring

Dr. Werner Thomas (Germany), Project Manager, OLED Lighting, Audi AG

Title: Personalization and Car-2-X communication for automotive lighting