LOPEC Talk No. 8—Review and Highlights LOPEC 2022 and Outlook on LOPEC 2023

In this edition of the cost-free LOPEC Talk, we gave a brief summary of the highlights of LOPEC 2022, which was held for the first time after 2019 as an attendance event at the ICM of Messe München.

We also presented the new Conference Board members of the LOPEC 2023, reported about the state of play for the LOPEC 2023 Exhibition and Conference.


In this webinar, Wolfgang Mildner, General Chair of LOPEC, took a brief look back at the highlights of the past LOPEC 2022.

The new coordinator of the LOPEC Conference Board, Dr. Elisabeth Menke took the opportunity to introduce herself and to report on the current state of affairs in program planning for LOPEC 2023.

The LOPEC Talk is a live event in English without simultaneous translation. Here you can find the complete recording of Talk No. 8 from October 6, 2022.


The Expert: