Intensive lessons on key technologies: Short Courses

The LOPEC Conference offers participants the opportunity to take part in a 45-minute intensive course where they can access expert knowledge on a broad range of key technologies in printed electronics. Afterwards the floor is opened for discussion.

Review: Here you will find a comprehensive overview of the Conference Program as well as all Presenters of the LOPEC Conference 2022

Conference Program 2022

Short Courses of LOPEC 2022

Dr. Erika Rebrosova

Sun Chemical Corp. (USA)

Functional Inks for Printed Electronics

  • Functional ink and paste technologies overview
  • Ink requirements based on end-use application
  • Functional inks advancements for new applications

Dr. Michel Popovic

IN-CORE Systèmes (FR)

Digitalization and traceability challenges in the Printed electronic industry

  • in-line inspection for defect detection
  • dimensional control of the printing patterns
  • quality control

Dr. John Fahlteich

Fraunhofer FEP (DE)

Substrates for Flexible Electronics – An overview on requirements, materials, surfaces and processing

  • overview on substrate types: from plastic to glass
  • strategy for clean roll-to-roll processing
  • bio-based or recylced plastic substrates

Dr. Stéphane Cros

Univ. Grenoble Alpes, INES, CEA/LITEN (FR)

High gas barrier materials & encapsulation strategies, a critical point for market access

  • Opto-electronic lifetime
  • encapsulation challenge and cost
  • gas barrier materials and measurement

Dr. Edsger Smits

Holst Centre - TNO (NL)

Fundamentals of printed hybrid electronics for healthcare wearables

  • Printed hybrid electronics
  • Wearables
  • Printed sensors

Prof. Norbert Fruehauf

Institute for Large Area Microelectronics, University of Stuttgart (DE)

Additive Processing for Displays and Touch Screens

  • Flat Panel Display
  • Touch Screen
  • Addtitive Processing

Kévin Le Blevennec


Designing for sustainability: a practitioner perspective. How and where to start?

  • Sustainable and circular product design
  • Selection of tools & method for implementation
  • New lever to enhance value proposition

Short Course Chair:

Dr. Bertrand Fillon, CEA Tech (FR), Vice President of European Affairs

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