Exhibitor Shop 2023

Exhibitors, co-exhibitors and companies participating in joint exhibits at LOPEC can easily go online and place orders for services, advertising space or marketing materials in the Exhibitor Shop.


Once you have confirmed your stand proposal, you will receive an activation link via e-mail. This Link is valid for 5 days.

Your user name is always your e-mail address.
You can create your own password.

LOPEC Exhibitor Shop FAQ

1. How do I get my login information for the Exhibitor Shop?

After you confirm your stand proposal, you automatically receive an e-mail that contains an activation link, which is valid for 5 days. Use this link to go to the Exhibitor Shop, where you can create your password. Your user name is always your e-mail address.
If you have not received the activation link, please refer to No. 3 in these FAQs.

2. Why do I receive the e-mail “New Stand”, even I already have been an exhibitor?

Regardless of whether you already have been an exhibitor (e.g. at another fair or a previous fair), you will receive an e-mail “New Stand” that contains an activation link. Use this link and your existing access information (e-mail address + password) to log into the Exhibitor Shop for LOPEC.

3. Why have I not received login information for the Exhibitor Shop?

  • The contact indicated on the registration form is the only person, who receives an activation link for the Exhibitor Shop and can use that link to create a password for the account.
  • If a different correspondence contact has been assigned in the course of your registration, this person also receives an e-mail and automatically a sub-account.
  • If that contact, and therefore the person responsible for the Exhibitor Shop, has changed, please refer to No. 4.

4. The contact person in our company has changed. How can I transfer the account to that person?

Please send an e-mail with the contact information of the new contact person to info@lopec.com . Shortly thereafter, they will receive a new activation link and can create their own password at the Exhibitor Shop. The new contact person automatically has access to previously placed orders and can continue placing new ones.

After that, the previous contact person can no longer place orders for this trade fair. The account remains intact, but it will no longer be associated with the respective stand at LOPEC.

5. How can I change my password?

  • Click on the “Log In” button in the Exhibitor Shop (upper right).
  • Click on “Forgot your password?”
  • Enter your e-mail address (that you used to register)
  • Click on “Submit”.
  • Shortly thereafter, you will receive an e-mail telling you to create a new password.

Please note: If the activation link in the e-mail is no longer valid, please follow the steps for creating a new account described above.

6. When I log in, why don't I see all of the items that are available for order?

There are two possible reasons for this:

  • If you have not yet booked any stand space for the selected event, no items will be available for order.
  • The Exhibitor Shop distinguishes between main exhibitors and co-exhibitors. Co-exhibitors do not have the same authorizations and may only order certain products.

7. What shipping address is currently listed for ordered items that require delivery?

The delivery address is identical to the exhibitor's address indicated on the registration form.

8. Can I change the shipping address in the Exhibitor Shop?

The shipping address is taken from the Messe München database. For some items, the detailed description includes instructions to enter a different shipping address in the Comments box on the Product Details page. In most cases, however, the Exhibitor Shop does not allow you to make subsequent changes to the shipping address. Therefore, if you have any questions, please contact us at shop@lopec.com or by telephone at +49 89 949-11618.

9. Do co-exhibitors get their own account?

Yes. The contact person indicated on the registration form for co-exhibitors receives an activation link for the Exhibitor Shop and can use it to create a password for their own account.

However, co-exhibitors do not have all the same authorizations and can only order certain products.

10. Are there deadlines for ordering certain items?

All dates and deadlines for LOPEC are available here. Please be sure to observe the individual order deadlines indicated in the respective product description.

11. How can I find out the current status of a requested item?

You can access the status of your orders via the order details under “My Orders”. Detailed information is available from the supplier, whose contact information appears in the detailed description of the item in question.

12. Will I receive an order confirmation?

Once you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

13. Is there a minimum order quantity?

Some products have a minimum order quantity. Please refer to the detailed description of the product in question.

14. When do I pay for the items that I order?

The items will be included in your final invoice after LOPEC.

15. What is a subaccount?

Subaccounts are additional accounts within you own account. You can use them to give employees the ability to place orders themselves.

16. How can I create a subaccount?

  • Click on “My Account”.
  • Select “Manage subaccounts”
  • Create a new subaccount and issue the authorizations.
  • The subaccount user will receive an activation link for his/her account.

17. How can I delete a subaccount?

Generally speaking, accounts in the Exhibitor Shop cannot be deleted. However, you can cancel all the subaccount user's authorizations by deactivating them under “Manage subaccounts”.

18. Once I have logged into my account, can I place orders for multiple stands?

If you have booked multiple stands, the system will ask you which stand you wish to place an order for. Select the stand in the corresponding dialog box and confirm with “Continue”. You will be taken to the main page of the shop catalog. If you only have one stand at the fair, the system skips this stand inquiry and takes you directly to the main page after you log in. If you switch to another stand, please keep in mind that everything you order will go to the currently selected stand/customer. Please be sure to always close your order before switching to another stand/customer. The contents of your shopping car will not be deleted when you switch to another stand.

19. Are the orders that I place still visible after I finish placing my order?

You can view all your orders in the customer menu (which you can reach via “My user account”) under “My orders” in the menu. The link “View order” will take you to the order details, where you can review everything about the order in question.

20. What prerequisites must my Internet browser meet?

The Exhibitor Shop can be used with the current versions of Edge, Firefox and Chrome.

21. Can I cancel an order or individual order items?

A “Cancellation request” link can be found next to each order item in the order details (which you can reach via “My Account” under “My Orders”). You can use it to request a cancellation from the supplier. Whether or not a cancellation is possible depends on the supplier's General Terms of Business.

In some cases, the cancellation is already deactivated in the system, e.g. if an item has already been shipped or if a specific timeframe has been exceeded. In this case, the “Cancellation request” button no longer appears in the order details.

22. I'm still not sure I understand. Who can help me?

Have your already read the FAQs at the Exhibitor Shop?

If they did not answer your question, please feel free to contact our support team—either by e-mail at shop@lopec.com or by telephone at +49 89 949-11618.

Scan2Lead—the state-of-the-art solution for digital lead capture at the booth

Capture your visitors at your booth with only one scan – and gain valuable advantages!

What is Scan2Lead?

Scan2Lead supports you in your lead management process at the trade fair because with Scan2Lead you can quickly, easily and digitally capture your trade show leads.

You can scan the barcode on the visitor ticket or your visitor’s business card. The data is immediately available to you and can be processed individually and qualified with notes and a questionnaire.

All captured data is stored in real time in your exhibitor’s own online portal. Here, you can view and export the data at any time. A direct interface to your CRM or marketing system is also possible.

What benefits does Scan2Lead offer exhibitors?

  • Enormous time saving due to immediate, digital availability of all data
  • No time-consuming typing of handwritten notes and business cards after the trade fair
  • Direct processing is possible (CRM)
  • Reduction of follow-up time from approx. two weeks to 1-2 days possible
  • Timely and personalized follow-up activities increase the likelihood of an order
  • Digital lead capture has a proven effect on the increase of trade fair success
  • Trade fair success becomes measurable at the push of a button thanks to various statistics and report features of Scan2Lead

Scan2Lead—Smart Lead Tracking for Exhibitors

Never before has lead tracking for trade shows and meetings been this smart.

Based on a barcode on the admission tickets, Scan2Lead allows your exhibitors to capture visitors’ personal details digitally within seconds – safely and without typing errors. Complicated, time-consuming copying down visitors’ business card details and filling in paper forms are thing of the past. Capturing visitor details the Scan2Lead way turns trade fair contacts and prospects into profit-generating business partners and exhibition attendance into an actionable success factor.

Benefits for your visitors

  • Quick and straightforward transmission of their own contact details
  • Full control by whom they are scanned
  • No costs
  • No business cards necessary → environmentally friendly
  • More dependable and sooner dispatch of requested information

Scan2Lead service and support

It you have any further questions, the Scan2Lead service and support is at your disposal at all times via e-mail and telephone.

Tel. +49 89 4444 33 111
E-mail: contact@scan2lead.com
Web: www.scan2lead.com

Security services

Munich is considered the safest major city in Germany. Our exhibition grounds also meet the highest security standards. In close coordination with the police and authorities, we take comprehensive measures to ensure your safety.

Further information on security at the exhibition grounds

Emergency numbers

  • Security centre (24 hours): +49 89 949-24555
  • Medical service on the exhibition grounds: +49 89 949-28103
  • Emergency call—rescue service / emergency doctor (24 hours): 112
  • Emergency call—fire brigade (24 hours): 112
  • Emergency call—police (24 hours): 110
  • Police Station 25 Trudering / Riem (24 hours): +49 89 45187-0

Medical service/ First aid

The medical service will be on site from set-up to dismantling for the entire duration of the fair. Depending on hall occupancy, the first-aid stations are located at the West and East entrances and north of Hall C4. The paramedics and doctors take care of minor and major medical emergencies and are supported by the public rescue service if necessary.

Photography, filming and video recording

All information on this topic can be found here:


In accordance with the Technical Guidelines, Item 2.6, Messe München or the security and security service authorised by it for the exhibition grounds will provide guards at the gates and on the exhibition grounds.

However, we cannot guarantee complete surveillance and control of the exhibition grounds. If necessary, the exhibitor must organise the guarding of the stand, the exhibition goods and other objects on the stand himself.

Appropriate stand security can be ordered via the Exhibitor Shop. We would like to point out that during the construction and dismantling periods there are increased risks for the exhibition goods and other items brought in.

Night work permit

A night work permit is always required outside the communicated set-up or dismantling times and outside exhibitor opening hours.

The night work permit can only be purchased on site from the Security service (cash or card).

All information on this topic can be found here:

Security—Advice & Contact

Our colleagues at Security will be happy to assist you:

Marketing Services

Present your company effectively in the context of LOPEC. We have a number of interesting marketing services available.

Visitor Marketing, ordering advertising in the media, on site and sponsoring—exhibition managers have a lot to take care of before a trade fair begins. Our marketing services give you access to a large selection of targeted fair-related communication measures.

Profit from our marketing services

  • Sponsorship packages
    The most effective and exclusive means of trade fair marketing: the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Sponsorship packages.
  • You issue invitations to LOPEC
    We support your invitation management process with free tickets, free advertising material, and comprehensive assistance for advertising, PR, and correspondence.
  • Industry directory and website presence
    LOPEC offers exhibitors a range of opportunities for drawing attention to themselves in trade fair media, such as the industry directory and the LOPEC website.
  • Exhibitor Shop
    You can conveniently order all of these services and much more at our online Exhibitor Shop.

Book your trade-fair success as part of a package and profit from discount prices!

Your company entry, your logo in the catalog, vouchers for one-day tickets, online banners to advertise your exhibit, press support and much more.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us:

Messe München GmbH
Messe München GmbH
  • LOPEC Exhibitor hotline