Technical Conference 2022 topics

The Technical Conference provides status updates on the development of specific products and business sectors. It is industry and application oriented and promotes the ongoing development of products and business segments.

Below is a list of the topics of the LOPEC Technical Conference 2022

Smart and hybrid systems

Technical challenges of combining film-based electronics with discrete components for IoT applications. Topics include printed electronic components and systems, including interconnection technologies and integration methods, hybrid integration and sensing, and applications.


Flexible and large-area displays

Materials and technologies for emerging display applications, including novel emitters (OLED, QDs, perovskites, microLEDs), novel manufacturing routes, additional in-display functionality, and integration challenges in IoT, smart phone displays, TV screens and automotive displays.

User interfaces

Recent advancements and use cases on how printed electronics enables unique touch, gesture and haptic trends in human-machine interactions by creating smart, interactive surfaces in applications like automotive, home appliance, medical and others.

Wearable electronics

Technical challenges and advances in wearable and stretchable electronics applications.


Technologies for energy production, harvesting and storage, including thin-film photovoltaics (Organic solar cells, perovskites, CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) and DSSC (dye-sensitized solar cell), thermoelectrics, thin-film batteries and supercapacitors.

Upscaling production and manufacturing processes

Challenges and advances in upscaling production, printing and patterning processes, including inspection and manufacturing reliability and quality control in production lines.

Biomedical and healthcare applications

Challenges and use cases of large area, printed or organic electronics in biomedical applications. This includes all applications in biomedical and healthcare such as sensors, diagnostic devices and wearable health patches that contain significant printed and flexible elements.

Functional materials

The “functional materials” session covers any novel material that can be used to create flexible electronics and functional surface applications. This entails latest enabling material solutions applicable to multiple types of surfaces, which provide unique features to allow simple surfaces to become smart as well as latest materials that are used to create or protect the surface itself.

Substrates and encapsulation

Next Generation Flexible Substrates and Encapsulation Materials and Technologies.

Circular economy and green electronics

Printed electronics processes, materials or/and products which highlight the contribution of our industry to the challenges of circular economy or define milestones by new green products, system concepts and business models.


This session covers the technologies and applications of (flexible) large-area lighting. We encourage the submission of original papers on all aspects of OLED and microLED research, engineering, evaluation and integration for future lighting applications.

3D structural electronics

Integration of electronics and other multi-physical functions onto structural elements e.g. via 3D printing, laser structuring, in-molding, thermoforming, or 3D MID and its application in mobile electronics, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, sensors and connectors, household appliances, wearables and clothing.

Smart textiles

Challenges and advances in materials and integration of various functionalities in textiles. Topics include the interconnection between soft and hard components, advantages of textiles over other transfer media and use cases in close to body scenarios.

Technical Conference Chair:

Prof. Gerwin Gelinck, TNO/Holst Centre (NL), Program Director

Poster Presentations

In addition to the oral presentations, we will also offer a poster exhibition. This means that instead of giving a presentation, you can display the essential information on an A0 poster on both days of the exhibition. During the Poster Session on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 from 18:00 to 19:30, you can communicate with the event participants personally and answer any questions on the spot.

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