The LOPEC Talk online platform supplemented the existing offerings of LOPEC Exhibition and Conference with regular expert panels and presentations. We provide the recordings of the LOPEC Talks from the last year here.

The Highligths & features of LOPEC 2023

Congress Chairs Prof Luisa Torsi, Dr Richard Price and Dr Kerry Adams gave an insight into the extensive conference program. John Fahlteich presented the nominees for the LOPEC Start-up Award.

Exhibition and Conference as well as further development of Start-up Forum & Award

In this issue we gave you an insight into the plans for 2023 and the further development of the Start-up Award, explained by John Fahlteich, LOPEC Start-up Chair and Director KETMarkets GmbH.

Review LOPEC 2022 and outlook LOPEC 2023

Wolfgang Mildner, General Chair of LOPEC, gave a brief review of the highlights of LOPEC 2022 and a first outlook on LOPEC 2023. Dr. Elisabeth Menke, the new coordinator of the LOPEC Conference Board, introduced herself and reported on the status of the program planning.

Highlights & Insights from LOPEC 2022

In this issue, four LOPEC Conference and Session Chairs provided exclusive insights into the LOPEC 2022 program.

The participants were: Prof. Luisa Torsi (University of Bari), Dr. Bertrand Fillon (CEA Tech), Dr. Michael Korell (Evonik Industries AG), Prof. Gerwin Gelinck (Holst Centre/TNO) and Armin Wittmann (LOPEC, Messe München GmbH).