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R&D Engineer at Dracula Technologies


Dr. Donia Fredj has received her ph.D. degree from Faculty of Science of Sfax/Tunisia /Aix Marseille University, France (2018). After his Ph.D., she worked as a post-doctoral researcher for 3 years on a different subject related to the efficiency and stability of organic solar cells as well as the development of new materials for ITO replacement . Her research work was supported through funds from Dracula Technologies company. She participated in many national and international projects/activities related to the organic photovoltaic. Her research and development interests solution processed thin films, organic and hybrid photovoltaic, inkjet printing of functional materials. She is currently an R&D Engineer of the French startup Dracula Technologies specialized in OPV by inkjet printing for indoor application.

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01.03.2023 von 14:20 - 14:40

High Stable Organic photovoltaic modules with all inkjet printed layers and freedom of form