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Session Chair

Karlheinz Bock


Professor für Aufbau- und Verbindungstechnik TU Dresden, Institutsleiter IAVT at TU Dresden


Since March 2008 until September 2014 he served as professor of Polytronic Microsystems at the University of Berlin (TU Berlin). He received in 2012 the Dr. honoris causa degree from Polytechnical University of Bukarest in Romania for his contributions to develop Polytronics and heterogeneously integrated systems and in 2019 the Dr. honoris causa degree from the Polytechnical - Viktor Sikorsky - University of Kiew in Ukraine for his contributions in electronics packaging research and community development. Since October 2014 he serves as professor for electronics packaging and director of the Institute for Electronics Packaging (IAVT) at the University of Dresden (TU Dresden). He presently serves as dean of the faculty electronics engineering and information sciences. He is a member of IEEE (M’95, SM’17) and serves on the Excom of ECTC and on the board of governors of IEEE EPS for region 8.

Chair dieser Sessions

02.03.2023 von 11:30 - 13:10