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Session Chair

Wolfgang Mildner


LOPEC General Chair at MSWtech


Wolfgang Mildner is Founder and Owner of MSWtech in Stein / Germany (www.mswtech.de). MSWtech supports companies and other organizations to find value in new technologies – especially printed electronics. Wolfgang Mildner is the (part-time) network manager of the german ZIM Network HIDRONIK (www.hidronik.de) to support SME’s for hybrid systems based on printed electronics. Wolfgang was Managing Director of PolyIC (a leading company for Printed electronics) from 2004 – 2014. Before Wolfgang Mildner worked in various business positions for Siemens (New business development, Business responsible for Industrial PC’s, Failsafe PLC’s and other). Wolfgang Mildner was responsible for a number of projects turning promising technologies into business. Wolfgang Mildner studied and achieved Diploma for Computer Science at the Technical University of Erlangen.

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