Visa service for LOPEC participants

Are you visiting LOPEC from a non-european country? Then you might need a visa. This page provides you all necessary information.

General information

  • Residents of countries in the EU do not require a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • For residents of several other countries a visa is required to enter Germany.

An up-to-date list of all countries that do and do not require a visa is available from the German Foreign Office. Specific visa requirements for your country can be found on the websites of the German Missions abroad.

Important information

To ensure you obtain your visa before the trade fair starts, we recommend that you submit your visa application in due time.

Applications can be made as early as three months before the time of entry.

Official invitation letter from the trade fair organizer

In a directive transmitted per e-mail in July 2013, the German Foreign Office has informed the German Embassy and Consulate Visa Sections all over the world that in general, an official invitation letter from the trade fair organizer is no longer required when applying for a trade fair visa. Moreover, visa fees are waived for exhibitors at German trade fairs.

When applying for your visa, simply refer to this information. In case the visa section responsible for issuing your visa should nonetheless request that an official invitation letter be presented, please send an e-mail to:

Frequently asked questions regarding visa matters

Additional information about visa procedures, requirements for the issue of visas, visa fees and application forms are available in different languages on the website of the Foreign Office, as well as the respective websites of the embassies and consulates. Frequently asked questions regarding visa matters are available here.