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Plenary Sessions

Respected experts open the LOPEC Conference program every morning with talks in our Plenary Session. This is a place where the biggest and most pertinent issues currently affecting printed electronics discussed.

In the Plenary Session, renowned experts, business owners, and high-level management talk about the following topics:

  • Insight into the strategies and visions of international companies in the field of printed electronics
  • The latest findings from global research projects
  • Experiences with printed electronics: lessons learned and conclusions for future applications

Plenary talks of LOPEC 2023

Edzer Huitema
E Ink Corporation (US)

Electrophoretic displays: from eReaders to Smart and Green Surfaces everywhere

Dr. Corrado Rocca
Pirelli Tyre (IT)

Smart Tyres: key enabler of modern mobility

Max Morwind
Microsoft Deutschland GmbH (DE)

Industrial Metaverse - AI supports maintenance with the help of spot robots

Prof. Antonio Facchetti
Flexterra Inc. (US)

Unconventional materials and platforms for flexible/stretchable electronic devices

Dr. Yeo-Geon Yoon
Samsung Display Co. (KR)

Inkjet-printing Technologies for Display

Dr. Katariina Penttilä
Avery Dennison Smartrac (FI)

Innovation Drivers for Sustainable Digital Triggers

Dr. Ton van Mol
TNO/Holst Centre and PITC (NL)

Flexible electronics for human-centric health care

Rainer Hald

Printing batteries to power innovation